Spiritual Authority

Friday January 20, 2017

Pastor Syd shared a prophetic word from Kim Clement from 2007 about the U. S. government, followed by prayer for President Trump. Teaching: P. C. Nelson’s leg was run over by a car. A pentecostal believer prayed for his leg, and it was instantly healed and whole. He became a healing preacher. Healing is an essential thing to know. We have God’s Word on it. Mark 11:23-24 tells us that faith and the words we say in faith can move mountains. Most people miss it in their speaking, rather than in their faith. We are stepping into creative miracles and a move of God. Whoever can have whatever. In Joshua 10:4-15 the Lord killed many of the enemy with large hailstones, and Joshua spoke to the Lord. In the sight of Israel he said that the sun and the moon were to stand still so they could fight longer. What did he need to have in order to speak to the sun and moon? Or what about Elijah telling Ahab it was not going to rain until he said so in 1 Kings 17? It was spiritual authority. There is a revelation of spiritual authority that is greater than what we are walking in. Some people were mocking William Branham and tried to set him up by having him minister to a man who pretended to be blind. Branham asked if he truly was blind, and the man said “yes,” and he became blind on the spot. Spiritual authority means knowing the power of words. Speech and the immune system are connected. Jesus spoke with great authority. He wants us to walk in that same kind of authority over the work of the enemy. We are the army of the Lord. Jesus gave us authority over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt us (Luke 10:19-20). Satan is stripped of his authority, and Jesus has triumphed over sickness, depression, cancer, and pain. He has given us authority over our bodies. We live in the world but are not of it. We are to rule and reign over circumstances and sicknesses. Start ruling and reigning. When Brian was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he went to the top hospital, where his parents were told there was no cure. A tumor grew to the size of a basketball in seventy-two hours, his organs were shutting down, and he had tumors throughout his body. When the doctors saw the x-rays, they said nothing, left the room, and told his parents there was nothing to be done for him, and that he would be dead in three days. He had seen God’s healing power in services before, so his faith was built up. His parents did not tell Brian the doctors’ report but only spoke the Word over him and had him repeat it aloud, over and over. He needed to know his authority. Faith is found in the heart and mouth. The heart needs the mouth’s cooperation. The heart says to the mouth, “Don’t deceive me. Don’t go against this agreement. Don’t disconnect.” James 1:25-26 says to not deceive your heart with your tongue. If you talk about spiritual authority, you need spiritual maturity. Brian told of missionaries in Mexico and how their words cost them. In healing, people often disconnect. We get a wrong mindset, back off of faith, and relinquish the healing. Brian’s father was diagnosed with cancer a few months before Brian’s diagnosis. He was healed, but years later, he started having problems with eating. He said, “That’s it,” and he died that night. We have authority. Our faith must be in both our hearts and our mouths. Brian’s parents did not allow TV or visitors in his room. They spoke the Word aloud. Brian told of a woman who confessed and declared the Word over her invalid daughter from birth. She said, “I call these crooked legs straight. She will run and be like other children.” After fourteen years, the daughter was miraculously healed. Disease is under your feet. Do not let your mouth deceive and disconnect from your heart. Do not be moved from the simplicity of the gospel, and watch who you follow. Declare the Word of the Lord. God’s methods get God’s results.