2020 – testimonies

Sunday December 29, 2019

Corrine speaks of the miracle of her dog being healed of a tumor on its face. Caleb gave a testimony of being healed of the pan in his stomach. Nathan gave a testimony of being healed of peanut allergy. Vera gave a testimony of bring a fish back to life. The was a testimony given about a healthy baby having a good report after it being reported that the baby having birth defects. Shannon gave testimony of shoulder pain that wasn’t hers that God had her pray for a friend that was dealing with the issue. Jim mentioned about a miracle that happened at Cracker  Barrel. Nikole gave testimony about healing of the back of a family member. She also gave testimony about receiving a gift for Costco Membership. Katie gave testimony about receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Jon gave testimony of his wife liver enzymes and A1c being normal. Corrine’s husband gave testimony of his back being healed. Stay calm consistent in being a doer if the word. Carol gave a testimony of an older man in a retirement home had received Jesus before he passed. She also gave a testimony of a man healed of kidney stones. Conrad gave a testimony of being healed from a work injury.