The Wonderful Good Plan for Me: Part 4

Wednesday November 14, 2012

God’s vision of you is expressed in Jer. 29:11-14. Mark 16:15-18 is God’s working orders. Eph. 3:20-21 tells us that God is able to do great things for us through the power that works in us. God made Jesus to be head over everything for the church. There are two visions competing for you in your mind: God’s and Satan’s. Choose life and choose God’s plan. What is the image that you keep  in front of you? If it’s carnal and flesh-minded, it will produce death. Think on good, God-things. Jacob had a bad vision in his head: “Everything happens to me.” When everything seems to fall apart, God’s plan is still there. In contrast, Joseph held onto God’s vision for him, and that plan was to preserve life. God will take what comes to you and turn it to good. Everyday is a good day. Joy is your strength and proves that you believe God’s plan for you. Be glad! (Prov. 10:28; Ps. 32:11; Ps. 40:16; Ps. 68:3; Ps. 126:1) Yielding to the Holy Spirit, especially to the point of being “drunk in the Holy Spirit”, will bring excitement, joy, and laughter and the glory of God will be on you.