Faith and Overcoming Fear

Wednesday September 26, 2012

The Holy Spirit told Pastor Syd: “God’s mercy and His provision are indelibly linked. They cannot be separated. His compassion provides the interchange.” His compassion transfers (connects) His mercy to His provision.  Where God’s mercy is, His provision is there. (Ex. Matt. 20:29-34; Is. 63:7)

The Word of God will come against what the devil brings to us. Text: Is. 7:1-9. Fear is deadly, and stress and worry are forms of fear. You can have fear but still stand in faith. We can resist fear by humbling ourselves before God, realizing that He is our source. Fear is a roadblock to what God wants to do. Don’t fear what everyone else is fearing. God is our source, and we are to fear Him only. The condition is believing the word of the Lord. Think only what the Lord has said. An example is David with Goliath. David could have faith to defeat him because he compared Goliath to God. We have God’s promises: Is. 41:10-13; Ps. 34:1-22; Is. 26:3; Ps. 23. When your faith believes that it receives, it rejoices. Seek the Lord, and He will deliver you from all fear. He will keep you in perfect peace if you keep your eyes on Him. Pastor Syd tells what all God’s peace means. Do you tremble at the word of God? Pastor Sydney shares powerful testimonies he and his wife experienced in the valley of the shadow of death.