Wednesday August 22, 2012

Faith in God or the faith of God is complete persuasion and assurance in God. (Mark 11:12, 20-24; Matt. 21:20-22; 2 Tim. 1:12b; Heb. 11:1) Whom do you believe in? God is our Source. Bible hope (trust, expectation, and anticipation) is different from today’s worldly hope (want and desire). You don’t have any more faith than you have patience. Consider how you use the name of Jesus. In Acts 19:13-17 the Seven Sons of Sceva used Jesus’ name and reaped some bad results. Be careful not to use His name as an incantation or formula. Stir yourself up when you realize your faith is waning from when you first stood in faith. The trying of your faith is the passage of time. Pastor Syd read all of Hebrews 11 which records those people who lived by faith. Heb. 12:1-2 reminds us to run the race with patience.