Speaker ‘Wegayhu Ketema’

Vision for Ethiopia

Sunday December 6, 2015

Pastor Demeke Getahun and Wagayhu Ketema shared the vision for Ethiopia. John 9:7, the name “Siloam” means “sent”. In 1993 the Lord told Pastor Demeke that he would remember the poor (Galatians 2:10). The vision that Pastor Demeke and Wagayhu have in their hearts is for establishing clinics in Muslim communities, address sanitation and hygiene needs, and teach about micro-financing, nutritional support, and development of their own resources. God has given Pastor Demeke a fifteen year vision (2016-2031). He was in a Muslim elementary school. He fled Ethiopia and went through a land where he is now going to go back to. Their approach will be to show the love of Jesus to the Muslim people. Their first clinic will be in the eastern part of Ethiopia, which is a 97.5% Muslim area. A member of their church has given them this land. They have started the non-profit process and have a couple board members, one of which is Pastor Syd. In March Pastor Demeke, Wagayhu, and the woman who donated the land will meet in Ethiopia with local church leaders. They will need a team to work with them, and they will study the local government. Pastor also wants to go back to a church that was established many years ago. Wagayhu is getting rehab training. A medical team is to come from here to Ethiopia. The children there need immunization treatments and instruction in nutrition. There is much TB, malaria, and polio. Also, the girls get married when they are eleven to thirteen years old and need help with pregnancy issues. Clean water supplies are a concern, too. Pastor Demeke and Wagayhu will go to show the love of Jesus Christ. Please pray and give.