Speaker ‘Sergiy Demidovich’

Sergiy Demidovich – Strength in the Day of Adversity

Saturday July 5, 2014

Proverbs 24:10-11 says that if you faint in the day of adversity, your faith is small. We get so used to things going well that can we trust God when adversity comes, because it does come? Whatever Word we receive, it will be tested. We must be strong enough that when adversity comes, we not only can take it but can help others through it. Sergiy told of the war in Ukraine and how the church helped orphans and others who were affected by the war. The church is to be the answer in time of need. Ukraine had not completely separated itself from Soviet and communistic influence. Now Ukraine has taken a stand and can rebuild better than before. Unfortunately, the Russian Christians did not stand with the Christians in Ukraine. Cultural and ethnic influences should not override our faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for Russia to not go back to the “Soviet days” and away from freedom. Sergiy told of the attack on Christians by the Russians and Muslims. The church was and is the answer to many people, providing water, food, insulin, and housing. The church must have power and not fall into panic. Sorrows change us. What was important to us before changes in times of adversity. Relationship and faithfulness are important. Be strong in the day of adversity. (There was a video of testimonies from Ukraine.)