Speaker ‘Julia Popov’

Family Life Vision

Wednesday April 14, 2010

Julia Popov of Russia teaches on family life. The #1 reason for Christian families is to live for Christ. Family exists to serve the Lord. We serve God with our family. Marriage is the heart of the family. The wedding and honeymoon should not be the peak of the marriage, but our vision should be that the husband and wife keep getting closer and their passion for each other grows more and more. Your children should envy your love for each other as husband and wife. By loving Jesus, you can love your husband, and by loving your husband, you can love Jesus. When a wife serves her husband, she is serving Jesus. Eph. 5:1 starts by saying that we are to imitate God by living in love. It’s about serving God while married. The Hebrew word for love means to give. Marriage is giving love, not taking. The more you do for your spouse, the more your love grows. Eph. 5:28 is not for the woman to harass her husband, but it’s for the husband; so women, do not use it against your husband. Please Jesus in your marriage, because there will be many opportunities for your husband to disappoint you. It’s easier to respect God, because He is perfect. Wives, respect your husband. Believe in him, believe that he is a great man, speak well of him, especially when others are around. He is the glory of God. Husbands, reflect God’s nature. Take care of your wife’s needs and show love and affection. Show that she’s the most important person, even more important than your work and friends. If she does not get your love, nothing will satisfy her. Men, love your wife. Women, respect your husband.