Speaker ‘Jonathan Calderon’

God’s Mountain

Sunday June 23, 2024

Pastor Jonathan preached on the counsel of God and approaching the throne of God and His glory. He defines “prophets.”

Costly Worship

Saturday August 5, 2023

Abraham and Mary of Bethany exhibited costly worship. Worship is a sacrifice, a calculated journey of obedience, involves preparation, does not require an audience, and is a test. You worship with your body, your mind, and your money. Your worship can create a memorial. Seize the moment. Create a memorial with your worship.

Bible Star Wars

Saturday March 11, 2023

Text: Revelation 12:1-8. Pastor Jonathan defines salvation by telling what it is and what it is not. It is sharing God’s divine revelation and His great promises so that we are partakers of His divine nature as sons of God. Luke 20:35-36; Psalm 82:1-6; John 19:7; John 10:33-37. We are adopted sons of God and are positioned in divine counsel. The devil wants you entertained and distracted. Look up! Genesis 15:5. There are heavenly beings managing the universe. Michael and his angels prevail, and God has prepared a place for you. You are presently seated with Him. The gospel is an announcement by a herald proclaiming military victory, a warning of war. Recognize God’s lordship and stand for truth. Mark 1:1. Brides fight!