Speaker ‘Jacob Makris’

Testimonies from trips during mission day

Sunday September 30, 2018

The gift starts from the grievances within you. Jacob Makris wants to give bibles. You are faithful with little, you will be trusted with the bigger things. Jacob had shared God’s word with his family while in Greece. The Lord mentioned to Jacob that He did not quote Lazareth’s name because it is blot out from the lamb’s book of life. Honor you name that your parents have given you. Most of all honor His name. Jacob encourages us not to harden our hearts towards the Lord. Jacob talked about what happened at a place called the Rock while in Greece. Jacob encourages us not to miss an opportunity to witness to anyone.  Levi and Andrea Lapp gave testimonies of when they went to refugee camps in Turkey. The main reason for them going there was to minister to the people and encouraging them during this time period of new leadership. Levi mention that we should be the yeast in the bread. To be the seed planted and expect for things to change. Levi encourages us to be bold in our faith.