Speaker ‘David Snylder’

Prayer – It Is Essential

Sunday November 13, 2016

Sermon: Apostle David is from Liberia, Africa, where he is a pastor, church planter, and apostle. Presently his ministry is rescuing children from the street and putting them in families. They have a temporary school. They are investing in the future, in children, raising them up to become missionaries. The majority religion in Liberia is Islam. If the devil stops you from praying, he will take full control of you as an individual. He is interested in your prayer life. Lots of people put demands on Jesus to meet their needs, so Jesus had to leave comforts and people to spend time praying. Prayer time needs to be intentional. Prayer is real business. Jesus said that His house was to be a house of prayer. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, so our bodies are also to be houses of prayer. When we get together to have corporate prayer, there is a corporate anointing. Jesus spent time in the Presence of God, and so should we. God is powerful. He has chosen to do what we ask Him to do. He wants us to desire and seek Him. The earth has been given to the sons of man. We should establish areas of dominion, but we must pray. Men ought to pray always and not grow weary. Pray without ceasing. Mighty people were people of prayer. We should have altars in our homes. Your children and grandchildren will learn from your example. Jesus prayed through the night. Prayer is the lifeline of the Church. The secrets belong to God, and we can get them by praying. We can have spiritual sensitivity, because the Holy Spirit is in us. When you pray, you make yourself available to be a blessing. That is why the devil makes it impossible to pray. Pastor David shared a testimony of wanting land to build a church. They prayed, impacted the spiritual atmosphere, and claimed the land. The neighbor gave the land to them as a result of their praying. You receive when you pray. Praying is a sacrifice. Jesus’ praying was serious and intentional. He wanted the heart of God, and He wanted to know what to do. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Disciples submit to God in prayer and to the Word. Want miracles in your life? Pray. It is because of the lack of prayer that the power of God is not manifesting in the church today. Keep the fire of God burning. There has been a shift in the spirit realm. It is time to pray. Apostle David shared about how his church prayed and fasted because of the ebola epidemic. Potentially millions were predicted to die in that part of Africa (Liberia?), but because of prayer and fasting the number who died in Liberia was greatly reduced, and no one from his church who anointed their homes was effected by ebola. Praise God! God has called us to a life of prayer. (Word and song given by Kevin Burrows, calling us to come back into God’s fold today. He has called us out of the world and is drawing us back into His presence. He desires to pour out His love.)