Speaker ‘Chani Zimmerman’

Armada Mission Trip Guatemala

Sunday May 20, 2012

Offering message: (Pastor Syd Ropp) Gal. 6:6 Pastor Syd teaches about the difference of sowing to the flesh and sowing to the Spirit. When you give, GIVE TO GOD, not to man or man’s work, and then it won’t come to corruption. In Mark 9:37,41 Jesus said that giving a cup of water to someone or receiving one of His children is giving to God. Don’t lose your focus of giving to God. Heb. 7:8 says that here mortal men receive tithes, but we’re giving it to God. Sermon: Gene English, Chester Petersheim, Jason Miller, Chani Zimmerman, and Josh Shuman shared about their recent mission trip to Guatemala and the way that Armada Commission (Armada Bible School) has impacted their lives. Gene also taught on seizing the moment with the examples of Mary’s anointing Jesus’ feet (John 12:1-8), and Kubla Khan’s (and China’s) turning to Buddhism because Christian missionaries weren’t sent to China when he asked for them. Seize the opportunity to be used by God. It’s important!