Speaker ‘Artak Manukyan’

What Is Our Foundation About?

Thursday May 15, 2014

Psalm 11:2-3 asks what the righteous are to do if the foundations are destroyed when the enemy attacks. In 1 Corinthians 3:11 we are told that our foundation is in Jesus Christ. One of the foundations in Jesus Christ is found in John 15:9, 12-13. Here He tells us to love one another as He loved us. How did He love us? He laid down His life for us. If you are not willing to die for someone, you do not care. We are from heaven’s culture. Do we know how much God loves us? Do we really care what God has in His heart? We need God’s heart. No curse will enter through His foundation. Our foundation is Jesus and when we give our lives for people, our foundation will stand.