Series ‘Wholehearted After God’

A Perfect Heart

Saturday January 27, 2024

Isaiah 1:18-19 says that the willing and obedient will eat the good of the land. Pastor Syd explains being willing, obedient, and submissive. Listen as he tells of a former Hell’s Angel, Samuel and Saul, and David and Bathsheba. You can be wholehearted, but be wrong, or you can do the right thing, but do it half-heartedly. God looks at the heart. What areas of my heart need to change? Our goodness is nothing apart from God.

Sincerity & Truth

Saturday February 17, 2024

Worship is submission to God. We are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The western culture has gotten into the Church. Jesus talked about leaven spoiling the believing Church. Listen to find out what “leaven” is. Three people shared encouragement at the end of the sermon.

Wealth & Riches – part 1

Saturday March 23, 2024

Pastor Syd shared about his ministry trip. He taught that God wants you blessed. Money reveals your heart, because where your treasure is , there will be your heart, also. Be Spirit-led, not money driven, and be a giver.

Wealth & Riches – Part 2

Saturday April 6, 2024

God wants us to be blessed financially. We need to be Spirit-led in the way we spend our money, rather than being flesh or money-led. Do not worry how others are spending their money. That is covetousness, if it is not your money they are spending.

Wealth & Riches – Part 3

Saturday April 13, 2024

We can be wholehearted after God by doing His will. God wants us to prosper in our finances and not to lack anything. Trusting God is different from believing Him. Trust God and not wealth. Obey Him, and don’t judge others for the way they spend their money. Glorify God in your finances, be generous, and share. Be willing and obey God.

Empowered To Be A Witness

Saturday May 25, 2024

God’s Word is the power of salvation. Are you being a mouthpiece to share the gospel? God depends on you to share the Gospel. Testify to what He has done in your life and in the Word. Signs and wonders follow the preaching of the Word.