The Role of the Apostle and Pastor

Saturday April 12, 2014

Texts: John 21:15-17; Philippians 1:27; 2:12, 19, 25-30; 3:17; 4:10. A pastor’s role is to feed (with the Word) and protect the local church. The Lord told Apostle Dale to keep his feet in the local church and his hands in the world. Jesus had world dominion in mind. If we are after the world, we need a world structure. Apostle Dale makes a comparison of his role with that of Paul’s. Paul was an apostle. He wrote his epistle to the Philippians from prison, so even though he wasn’t physically with the people, he knew what was going on with them. He communicated with them. He expected their obedience to him. He determined the movement of ministries and teams. He expected their service to the apostolic ministry. He expected them to follow him. During his lack of presence, he expected them to care for one another. He expected them to take care of his needs. Apostle Dale told about the Lord’s calling Pastor Sydney to come to Lancaster. In the first phase, he saw  him pastoring and covering the pulpit in his absence. In the second phase, he saw him traveling and learning with Apostle Dale, and in the third phase, he would release and send him. We are in phase one, where Pastor Sydney will be installed as the CWI pastor. Apostle Dale will step out in apostolic ministry. Under Apostle Dale will be Pastor Sydney Ropp (CWI, Lancaster), Pastor Gene English (Slavic church in D. C.) and Pastor Jay Stoltzfus in Colorado, and Pastor Demeke Getahun (Ethiopian Church). Pastor Demeke’s church will be joining CWI and will take the CWI name. Artack and Anna (Slavic) will be coming to New York, Philadelphia, and Lancaster. Pastor Sydney shared how the Lord brought him and Jen to Lancaster. God’s will cannot be stopped, although it can be delayed. We live in perilous times. Pray and be bold to confess your faith. We can have greater unity, because we have a common Lord. Lord, help us find our place in Your kingdom.