The Leadership Training School is designed to create lifelong learners. We offer men and women who want to serve God, the quality training they deserve. The Bible way of ministry is discipleship, (Matthew 28:19,20; 2 Timothy 2:2), emphasizing on-the-job training, (Mark 3:14,15). We believe growth and training should be a part of life.

Our unique approach to training is more than a curriculum. The five semesters are cyclic in nature. A student may pause their studies for a time and begin again without complication. Our strategy allows the student to train for the future without disrupting the present. The core curriculum is centered around the life of the Church and regular services are used as “teaching methods,” imparting vision, philosophy of ministry, and Biblical doctrine into the student’s life.

We begin the day with the Lord. A strong emphasis is laid on the devotional life of the student. The “daily quiet” time is used to convey one-third of the curriculum through self-study and personal discovery. The students keep a journal of their personal time with the Lord as they read through the Bible. The memorization of Scripture further builds God’s Word into the life of the believer.

Church life is our life. Students attend two church-related services per week and their “note-taking” is graded to foster the disciplines needed for personal growth. An advisor guides and encourages the individual’s study and personal growth throughout each semester.

Preparation time is never wasted time. Classroom instruction is streamlined to one Saturday morning (8:00 am-1:00 pm) and one evening session (7:00-9:00 pm), a time commitment of seven hours of classroom time a month. This keeps the workload realistic for local students and staff.

Entire Course Content

  • 45 one-hour lectures
  • 65 hours of small group sessions
  • 25 hours of group discussions on Biblical themes
  • 170 sermons from life in the Church
  • Read a minimum of 20 books
  • Write a minimum of 5 papers
  • Read through the entire Bible
  • Memorize 60 verses of Scripture
  • Develop personal disciplines of daily time with God
  • Receive personal assistance from a group advisor

Cost and Fees

There is a one-time $75 application fee, along with a required application and a recommendation. The cost of each semester is $200, and payment is due on the first class of each semester. There are 5 semesters to attend, to complete the school.

Contact Us

For further information and questions, please contact Kelly Burrows at